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Our Story Barossa Valley Dental

Barossa Valley Dental is the newest addition to Welcare Dental which has been providing dental care in the western suburbs of Adelaide since 2012. Our team of professional and passion-driven dental experts is committed to delivering quality dental care to families in the Barossa Valley region.

Barossa Valley Dental Clinic

At Barossa Valley Dental, we strive to do the best in everything we do. Our patients are our number one priority and we strive to give them that much sought after magical smile. We believe that first impressions begin with a smile. That’s why our skilled dentists provide every patient with top-quality dental, implant and cosmetic services.

Everybody matters to us, so we gladly welcome patients of all ages. From there we listen carefully to each patient in order to understand their situation and then proceed with the most appropriate treatment. 

Regular dental check-ups are crucially important when it comes to regular oral maintenance. We understand the importance of dental check-ups, particularly for children. Therefore, we not only perform a thorough check-up on your teeth, but we also educate your family about practising good oral hygiene.

Our new facility is well equipped to handle any type of dental emergency and our fast-moving experts can provide any type of dental treatment immediately. We value how critical time can be in an emergency situation so we’re very conscious about responding as quickly as we can.

Aesthetic dentistry is also part of our services. We’re ready to give our patients the smile they deserve for a happier life whether it be teeth whitening or orthodontics, we will ensure you have a smile to be proud of.

We’re always open whenever our patients may need us. With the vastly growing technology, our customers can now connect with us easily. Appointments can be booked online quickly and easily. We also offer free consultations to our patients and can answer all your questions in a timely manner. 

Barossa Valley Dental Patients: Always Our First Priority

Whatever the case is we’re ready to listen and perform what is required for each and every patient. From simple check-ups to the most complicated dental problems, our dentists are there to work closely with all our patients. We are aware that every patient that visits us has a different need. This is why we offer everyone unique and quality care.

Our detailed assessments are tailored to enable us to understand our customers’ needs fully. We seek to gain as much understanding of our patient’s needs as we can so that we can provide quality-personalised dental treatment. We plan before we act and that’s why we are always successful in what we do.

After a thorough assessment and consultation with our expert dentists, our patients receive a fully customised treatment plan. The plan is organised in a way that can help the patient attain all their goals with ease and within the shortest frame time possible.

The care we show for our patients extends beyond merely providing our dental services. That’s why we also consider the costs involved with various treatments. All our services are affordable and represent outstanding value for your hard-earned money.

Our patients are part of the Barossa Valley Dental family. Whatever we recommend for our loved ones is exactly what we offer to our patients. That demonstrates that we don’t just treat people as patients, we treat them like family.