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Barossa Valley Dental Cleaning And Check-Up

We can often become lazy when it comes to dental hygiene and might often ask ourself “Isn’t brushing and flossing enough?” While brushing and flossing is highly recommended, even the most meticulous brushers and flossers can leave behind some traces of plaque. 

Plaque is made up of a mixture of living bacterial colonies and food particles that eventually harden like a barnacle on a boat. At that point, only dental practitioners can remove what has turned into “tartar”.  

Why Do I Need Barossa Valley Dental Check-Up and Cleaning?

We have all heard of dental cavities, but did you know that they are caused by living microbes on our teeth? Regular dental check-ups mean regular and early detection of dental cavities. Early detection usually means less damage to the tooth structure which in turn, can mean less costly work. 

To make matters worse, decay can reach the pulp of the tooth if it is not controlled in time and this can cause severe pain and infection. Keep in mind that if the decay has not reached the nerve of a tooth, you may not even know you have a cavity unless you have a severe toothache! That is why it is crucial to schedule a regular dental check-up.

Unlike plaque, tartar is made up of mineralised non-living bacteria. You may ask how much damage can something that is non-living cause? The problem is that tartar has a friend and its friend is called plaque. Tartar is rough in composition and loves to adhere to the surfaces of our teeth. 

Plaque, on the other hand, is slimy in composition and loves to adhere to tartar. As mentioned earlier, plaque is full of live bacteria. These two nuances work in tandem and microscopically ulcerate our gums. Have you ever experienced bleeding gums? That is called gingivitis! That is why you need to have regular cleaning and check-ups performed by a dental professional in the Barossa Valley.

Barossa Valley Dental Can Help With Gingivitis And Periodontitis

The good news is that gingivitis is reversible. However, what if you have loose teeth, bone loss or missing teeth? This is called periodontitis. Periodontitis occurs once the bacteria has reached beyond the gums and destroyed the supporting bone. Our friendly Barossa Valley Dental professionals will be able to help you establish a custom hygiene program for your specific needs to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis from occurring. 

Some people need more frequent dental hygiene visits than traditional six-month cleaning and check-up, which is perfectly fine. Regardless of how often you need to visit our dental clinic, our goal is to maintain a healthy smile. There is nothing quite like our natural set of teeth and with proper care, they can last us a lifetime.

As we can see, dental check-ups and cleaning are so much more than just a simple trip to the dental clinic. They are the gateway to our oral health and a future of beautiful smiles! Let us at Barossa Valley Dental help you to maintain your beautiful smile so you can face the world with total confidence!